Greater Details for the Proper Alcohol Abuse Now

Any dose of ethanol, which is dissolved in the most precious of aged wines or in the most coarse spirits, activates the structures of the brain that are responsible for the perception of pleasure and oblivion in general. It is known that a glass of wine does not produce drunkenness in anyone, but who can show that quantity does not change our emotional state in any way?

And that’s why, perhaps, there are no convenient reasons to drink:

There is no study that can certify the superiority of the benefits of some substances present, such as polyphenols / resveratrol (= antioxidants), compared to the damage of all others equally present in that amount of solution that is necessary to obtain the aforementioned benefit.

The Useful Options

It may be useful to those who add, among the justifications to drink, the benefits decanted by the medicine of these drinks, read the report of the research reports. 26 studies, published in 11 scientific journals, were heavily manipulated and most related to the effects of resveratrol, a substance found in grape skin. The is important now.

Whoever replies to drink the glass of wine with a meal, as prescribed by the dietician, ask the doctor if the drink can be considered a real food. We are convinced that the answer will be no. As ethanol and beverages in which it is dissolved cannot be classified by its chemical structure between any types of nutrient, while containing a good amount of energy (5.5 kcal per gram of alcohol): in practice, the energy intake of wine is not linked to any nutritional function, but only to energy production. Furthermore, alcohol does not follow the normal digestive pathways of the human body, but passes for the most part directly into the blood from the stomach (40%) and from thevery first section of the intestine (30% duodenum and first upper intestinal tract) and from here to the brain.

The Final Options:

Finally, ethanol at any quantity and in any solution is considered by the World Health Organization to be a potentially carcinogenic and, above all, an astonishing substance. Therefore everyone when sitting at the table place a bottle of wine in the presence of their children must ask the question whether such administration may or may not be assimilated to a doping action of the one who drinks it.

Let the culture of peoples become the advantage for health and for the community beyond prohibition and permissiveness, choosing not to do or not to take what hurts. You need to have the proper options for the deals now and that is the reason you have to be proper on these parts now.