Soothe Your Achy Joints- 5 Simple Exercises to Go!

Achy joints are usually a result of arthritis. Arthritis is a disease, in which the joints of the human body swell up. And due to this inflammation the joint becomes stiff, and this further disturbs the normal movement of joints and poses problems even in walking and climbing stairs. The individuals suffering from arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis suffer from joint pains ranging between mild to severe. The major treatment for this condition can be divided into 3 types.

  • Medical Treatment– By medical treatment we mean, when an individual has resulted positive in various arthritis tests, then the doctor puts them on medications. Anti- inflammatory medicines along with some pain killer in case of mild pain and steroid injections in case of chronic and severe pain.


  • Exercising– One of the best treatment is that of doing regular exercises. Making exercises and yoga part of one’s daily routine is suggested. It not only reduces the symptoms, but also helps in fighting with depressions, reduces fatigue and also improves sleep. Studies suggest that there is a positive effect of physical exercises on the chronic and severe arthritis pain. Unlike medication, there are no side effects of exercise. It is a known fact that medicines and steroids have a lot of side effects which affect the human body badly. So, to avoid such bad impact one must choose exercise. Increased weight is also a factor that leads to arthritis. Physical exercise massively helps in weight loss. This weight loss is a step towards heathy lifestyle and also reduces the symptoms of arthritis.



5 Simple exercises to go!


  • Walking is something that anyone can do. No special training is required for waking. Also, people suffering from arthritis can’t directly start with exercises reason being their swollen joints. So they must start with something light and then increase the duration and intensity with time.
  • Swimming really soothes the achy joints.Pool being a great place for muscle stretching, aerobic exercises can also be performed in the pool.
  • Moving on to strength training, stronger muscles the muscles lesser the strain on joints. Don’t be afraid of dumbbells.
  • Smooth Cycling minimizes the symptoms of arthritis. Cycling also helps in conditioning the body for other exercises.
  • Yoga is somethingthat is cure for almost everything. Yoga improves body awareness and increases flexibility which reduces joint inflammation.
  • Surgery– Another way of treating arthritis isby way of surgery. The knee procedure treatment in Chennai offers such surgeries using advanced technologies. In case of chronic and severe pain doctor’s often advice for undergoing a surgery. However, not all individuals can afford such surgeries. There are around 15 per cent Indians who are suffering from this disease. On the other hand, if we talk about the expert surgeons their ratio is very less. This often results in non- availability of doctors.

Exercising is the best out of the other two methods, as it does not have any side effect as in case of medication or financial difficulties as in case of surgeries. It is recommended to consider knee replacement in Chennai for proper treatment.