Sugar-Water Injection Treatment-Is It Safe For Knee Pain

Sugar water injection treatment, Are you surprised with the name of the treatment? I know, you are! You will be more surprised after knowing about the benefits of the treatment. It is the single hope for the patients who are fed up of the crushing joint pain. Although this treatment is not known by the name of sugar water treatment, it is more famous with the name of prolotherapy.

Joints are supported with the ligaments and damage to such ligaments is responsible for the joint pain. In a joint, bones are connected with the bones and ligament are present within the joints only. These ligaments offer structural integrity as well as strength to the joints. Joint pain occurs when the blood supply to the ligament reduces. If a ligament get injured, strained or get torn, leads to joint weakness. This is the basic reason behind the joint pain.

Although there are several treatments options available for such patients but all of the options do not work for everyone. Hence, sugar water injection treatment is the treatment of choice for all patients. This treatment requires the exact location of the questionable joint. If you know the questionable joint then only you can start the treatment. Some people have a misconception in their mind that if the name of the injection is sugar and water but it does not mean that the injection consists of only these two elements. In fact, the injection consists of sugar, water, additives, an anesthetic solution and other relative irritants. Do you know why the sugar-water solution work efficiently in the joint pain?

As it is well-known fact that the joint pain occurs due to the reduced blood supply to the joint. So, the sugar water solution, when injected into the affected joint, leads to the inflammatory response in the body. This inflammatory response ultimately increases the blood supply to the affected joint and the pain ultimately gets relieved. If we are sparking the inflammatory response in the body then you must be thinking that is inflammation is good for the body? Although inflammation is not good for the body because of different inflammatory reactions like swelling, redness etc. But you are missing one important benefit of the inflammation I.e., increase blood supply and that is what we need in the case of joint pain.

So, the blood will flow to the injured joint or area and if the blood will flow, ultimately the nutrients will also flow to the injured site and the damaged area will get healed. Do not go any quack for having this treatment. You can check the centers of knee replacement in Chennai and you can get the effective sugar water injection treatment and you can get your pain relieved. Are you thinking that the injections can be painful? Although other injections treatment is painful but it is not because the solutions consist of anesthetic solution and this anesthetic solution will allow you to have painless prolotherapy treatment.