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The Health Perks of Reflexology

Ever had of reflexology? Maybe you have come across this word while at a spa. Once you read this article, you will wonder no more as everything will make plenty of sense inclusive of the advantages. Application of pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands and ears is meant to relieve stress and bring treatment, all of which encompass reflexology. The history of reflexology can be derived from ancient China and Egypt, and it bears so many health advantages. Because of the daily stress we apply on our feet, it is expected that our feet will need a massage. With no further ado let us go straight to the benefits of reflexology.

The functionality of the nerves is where we start. Now, as age catches up with us, the endings of our nerves tend to lose sensitivity, especially those located further away from the central nerves system. Some studies have shown that only one reflexology session can spike an increase in the responsiveness and functionality of the stated nerve endings. The nerves are no different from muscles. For instance, to keep your nerves in top-notch condition, you must exert them once in a while. This will clear up any stiffness or blockages that may exist along your neural pathways.

You can also boost bodily energy levels using reflexology. Even with us moving around consistently, the sluggish feeling is bound to catch up with us. This is a clear indicator that the process involved in making energy for the body is not as efficient. Reflexology will align the performance of the organs in question to deliver the energy boost. By doing this, you can be confident that your metabolism will improve significantly. The other benefit lies in the fact that blood circulation will be significantly improved. The result of this is that oxygen will get to the organs much quicker and hence the organ’s capabilities will rise to higher levels. The end result here will be faster healing and maimed cell replacement.

Again if you want relaxation then do consider reflexology. Just to re-emphasise, neural corridors clear up during reflexology sessions. The clear neural highways prevent clogging of neural activity hence relaxation is induced. Due to the calming effect reflexology has, it does well when dealing with sleeping disorders. Toxins can also be removed from the body through the help of reflexology. The performance of the bladder in eliminating toxins can be highly enhanced by going the reflexology route. This then prevents accumulation of toxins which can trigger other ailments in the body.

Reflexology can also have an impact on our cognitive capacity. The mind becomes more capable of dealing with more substantial amounts of input hence its efficiency is enhanced. This means that our memories become better too.

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